Provided by is a powerful tool for testing the speed of your internet connection in an easy and detailed form. The test shows the results of a jQuery JavaScript ping and download/upload time test between your browser and your the first connection node to which your internet provider has you connected. It is advised to run the test with all other browser tabs and windows closed, all torrents paused and other programs which use your internet connection closed. Also recommended is to use either a hardwired connection to your modem or router, or a clear line of sight to a wireless router if that is what you wish to test the speed of. Display options such as the units in which your connection speed are displayed can be configured in the test settings table.

The Ping result is the measured send-and-receive time for a 32-byte packet of data between you and the first node on your internet connection, the download and upload results are calculated by downloading a 1 Megabyte file and then re-uploading it and timing the results. Finally, the cost calculation shows the average listed cost which common internet service providers charge for a connection of similar speed, but it is a rough estimate and should be considered as such. We are not associated with any internet service providers and do not skew the results in anyone’s favor.

Once the settings are to your liking, click ‘Test My Speed’ to begin.

Please note that the results do not account for conditions which may affect your use of bandwidth or degrade your connection quality. Factors such as being connected via wireless network or other device, having other programs or browser windows using your connection at the same time and use of cellular or mobile as your connection method can have a large impact on the test results. Optimal test results are obtained when connected directly by network cable to your modem, with no programs open other than your browser with only Test-My-Speed open.