The internet is the life of the earth’s population. Almost everybody rely on its speed. What if you are experiencing a poor connection? How many transactions did not push through because of the slow internet connection in your place? Do not let your transactions be ruined by just taking it sitting down. It is best to check the speed of your internet connection so you can take the right steps in improving your life. A fast-speed connection would always mean faster business deals and finished personal conversations.

A powerful and effective tool was made to help you check the real time speed of your internet connection via It gives you every detail you need and tips are easy to follow. Following these easy instructions before going into the test helps you get accurate speed results.

All windows and tabs should be closed
All other programs should also be closed
All torrents should be paused
Use a hardwired connection to the modem
Use a connection with clear sight
Aside from ping, JavaScript and iQuery, also offers you the Internet Speed Tracker. It gives you the speed results of the following features:

Speed of downloading
Speed of uploading
Time measurement from Ping
Cost of internet charges from your service provider
Comparison chart
You have to make your life worthy. Don’t just sit there and wait for your service provider to make improvements on their services when is here to help you determine the moves you have to make. When the chart of comparison is shown, you will have the best speed result you wanted to get. Your speed text can also be check. Check your speed now with!