Testing the speed of your internet connection done by Test-My-Speed.info
Have you been experiencing problems on your internet connection? It maybe for a couple of months now and yet you just rely on the speed of your network provider. Can you still stand the negative results of your business transactions? For how long can you still wait for your network provider to speed their connection? You can always make your life productive by checking the speed of your internet connection. There is a site that offers everything you need to have the speed results you need. It helps you to do the necessary moves in improving your connection. Don’t just settle for the slow connection! Test your speed given by Test-My-Speed.info!

Test-My-Speed.info was created to be the most powerful tool in testing the speed of the internet connection from which you are subscribed with. It has the easiest procedure and it comes in very detailed form for easy comprehension. Speed results of the following are shown by the test.

Upload time test
Download time test
Make sure that all tabs are closed before you run the test. All windows should also be closed together with other programs for you to be able to get the exact speed results. A hardwired connection to your router or to your modem is also a great help in getting accurate speed results. Torrents also should be paused before doing the test.

The Ping result gives you the send and receive time. It also calculates the download and upload time. One good thing about Ping is it also gives you the cost that your service provider charges you for the same speed.

Test-My-Speed.info is safe and not connected to any of the internet service providers in the world.