Almost everyone in the world uses internet connection for their personal and business transactions. Such is its global impact that people seem not to go on a day without using internet connection. You must admit that you are having problems with the speed you are getting from your server. There may be quite a few times that you have changed your internet server due to delayed results of business transactions that affected your income. The slow connection might have caused some problems within the household. Even the students get affected when they cannot see fast results on their search engines. is a very powerful tool to test the speed of the internet connection to which you are subscribed with. It offers the easiest and detailed form of testing for you to be able to do it fast. The results from different apps are shown by this tool for easy understanding.

Upload and download time test between your first connection and your browser
Before you test the speed of your internet connection, you are advised to follow few steps to see fast and better results.

Close other windows and tabs
Pause all torrents
Close all windows that use internet connection
You can also take the following steps to test the speed of your internet connection.

Hardwired connection must be used to your router or modem
Clearer line to wireless router
Always remember that test results can be shown on display options and it is on the test setting tables that connection speed is configured.

The Ping result shows the time of send-and-receive. It works for a 32-byte packet data. It is by downloading a 1 MB file that upload and download results are computed. It shows the total average of the charges made by your internet service provider. Please be reminded that this site is not connected with any of the internet service providers.